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  • We are not accepting new tax clients at this time. 

    For Bookkeeping Services, please contact Kelsey & Mikel at Alpenglow Bookkeeping - 907-982-9895

What We Do

We take the stress and confusion out of taxes and provide clarity and financial well-being. 

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Tax Planning

We identify ways for you to keep more of your hard-earned dollars in your own pockets instead of sending them to the IRS. 

Tax Preparation

We file all the tax forms for you so you can spend more time growing your business and enjoying your family. 

Accounting & CFO

We know you want to focus on your business, not worry about how to apply the 70K pages of tax code to it.  Let us be your partner and money guide. 

Training Products

We provide training in Quickbooks, starting a new business in Alaska, and even a full financial coaching program. 

Here's How to Work With Us: 

1. Book your tax & accounting consultation

We get to know your situation to determine if there are ways that we can serve you.  Fee of $125 applies.

2. We'll create a custom plan for you    

If you're a good fit, we'll come up with a way to streamline processes and/or generate tax savings. 

3. We'll move forward toward less taxes

If we work together, you'll know exactly what we need from you to make a successful relationship! 

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Who We Serve?

Our Ideal Client

Our ideal client is a business owner who feels overwhelmed, "stuck", and always wondering if there's a way to keep more of your hard-earned dollars in your own pocket.  You may be a great fit for our CFO services if your business is producing gross income of over $300K per year.  But don't let that turn off some of our smaller friends - Tax Planning should start when your business is netting around $40K per year (and sooner if you have high projections!).  Clients that work with us are forward-thinking, motivated, growth oriented individuals with a passion to succeed. 

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SBA Loan Forgiveness Assistance

We want to help Alaskan businesses survive (and thrive) through these tough economic times caused by Covid-19.  If your business has received a PPP loan and need help processing your forgiveness application, please reach out to set up a time to talk. 

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